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Michael - No. It's a cool and personal thing to share with people.

Michael - it was cute and retro...loved it even it not really real...

Michael - great service great price

Michael - grand kids love it

Michelle - perfect timing for a special birthday gift. i have used International Star Registry before, but i had forgotten about them and wouldn't have bought from them except that i saw this livingsocial. perfect service and happy to buy from them again!

Michelle - My daughter can't stop talking about her star :)

Milton - A very unique gift which I have given several friend..the sky is filled with smiles:)

Missi - Easy to order and beautiful results!

Molly - I dedicated s very rare, extremely special star to my soul mate* I only hope he* found it, it's out there in the galexy, and it does igsist.

Monica - Great price! Perfect gift for someone who has practically everything they want!

Monique - Awesome .... My family loved them. Customer Service girls were AWESOME!!!!!!!! will definitely recommend to everyone.

Myles - Awesome novelty item! I was actually able to find my star too using a telescope!

Myrna - It was an unusual gift for someone who has everything and she loved it!

Nadine - Bought this for my husband and he loved it, thought it was one of the coolest gifts ever! I would recommend getting it with the frame though as it's an odd size and difficult to frame if not custom made.

Nancy - LOVE IT

Nancy - I was very impressed with the shipping speed and the quality of the package materials.

Nancy - I am so excited to have a star named after my Grandson. :-)

Narda - I first bought a star in 1993 for my godmother who had nearly everything, but the star made such an impression that we went to the planetarium to see just where her star was. I gave her a gift that was eternal. I now give them to very special people.

Neil - Star Registry was very helpful with the process on the phone as the website was a nightmare. It is great that such a sweet gesture is available to star gazers and romantics alike.

Nikki - My son got one for Christmas - he was very excited.

Name A Star- An Excellent Gift For Any Occasion

Like the ancients before us, people worldwide are moved by the stars in very personal way. Whether we would like to know how to purchase a star as a gift for our sweetheart, or name astar as a lasting memorial, there is no greater honor than writing one’s name among the stars.

For thousands of years, mankind has been mapping and recording celestial objects. From the creation of early star names and their place in ancient mythology and navigation, to multiple modern scientific catalogs, there have been dozens of listings of the stars created.

Starting in 1979, International Star Registry made the heavens available to anyone wishing to name a star that had only been numbered in previous star catalogs. The star names are indexed alphabetically in our star catalog with their telescopic coordinates and are permanently recorded in our published, copyrighted listing of named stars.

These star names are recorded in this way so that centuries from now our descendants can locate these star names and, using the telescopic coordinates, locate the star you named. 9 volumes of the book Your Place in the Cosmos (Library of Congress Catalog No. 84-63015) have been published and registered in the copyright office of the United States. The coordinates are derived from the NASA Hubble Guide Star Catalog and each star is named only once. When you name a star for a loved one, it is a beautiful, memorable gift.

Astronomers do not use the names we assign to the stars. In 1919, The International Astronomical Union (IAU) was established with the objective is to promote and safeguard the science of astronomy. For scientific uniformity, it is the only body that names celestial objects for scientific use, which it does very infrequently. We believe the stars overhead do not belong solely to the scientific community, but to everyone.

Imposter Companies: Several companies have opened up over the years, some even violating our Federally Registered trademark STAR REGISTRY®, INTERNATIONAL STAR REGISTRY®, and STARREGISTRY.COM® but they are not International Star Registry, nor are they affiliated with us. None have published a star catalog. Many of these firms have closed, leaving no records of named stars.

International Star Registry produces the only permanently published and copyrighted listing of named stars in the world. We are Headquartered in Glenview, IL, USA and are a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

Copyright 1999-2019, International Star Registry ® 1813 Elmdale Avenue, Glenview, IL 60026 847.546.5533
International Star Registry ® star naming is not recognized by the scientific community.
Your stars name is reserved in International Star Registry ® records only.
International Star Registry <sup>®</sup>

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